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Here you will be able to keep up to date with what’s been happening at the club, news, views and reviews on past and future classes and events as well general chats about anything and everything dance related for all you aspiring Fred and Gingers out there!
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Have you ever considered learning to dance but worried you could never master all the steps? Have you ever thought about finding a local dance class but dismissed the idea because you don’t have a dance partner?…..

Here at Dancing Club LA we encourage and welcome everybody of all ages and abilities, whether you have danced before or never even tried a single step, whether you want to dance for an hour or for the whole night long – we have something for everyone, a place for everyone.

If you are new to dance – don’t be afraid to give it a try. We have warm and friendly group classes for beginners where you can learn amongst people of a similar ability in a fun and casual atmosphere. Our patient teachers will slowly guide you through the most basic steps and will have you up and dancing even from your very first night with us! Help will be on hand throughout the whole evening so you can feel confident and learn at your own speed. You don’t need to bring a partner, just come as you are and we will do the rest! Try something you only ever imagined yourself doing and we will show you that it isn’t as hard as you think!

If you are returning to dance or have some experience already with some of the steps – whether that be to a greater or lesser amount – we have classes for all levels and abilities throughout the week available to suit your needs. We also have guided practise sessions where you can freely dance with the assistance of one of our dedicated teachers on hand, or with other dancers that you may meet at the school. Whether you want to learn new steps, build on what you already know or concentrate on technique – we will address it all. Come and dance among others and learn in our relaxed, sociable atmosphere here, no partners required – just bring yourself and your dance shoes!

Have a look at our class schedules and see what fits you best. Our classes run in three week cycles so that over the course of three sessions you will be led through each a Latin and Ballroom dance in easy to follow stages, so that by the end you could potentially be dancing a whole routine whatever your level! Equally you can dip in and out as you require if you have a busy schedule, as we always recap different parts of each routine regularly and you will always be guaranteed to learn something new or build on your dance development. Our classes work on a pay as you go basis, so you can drop in whenever you like – but you may find like others have, that you get bitten by the dancing bug and just can’t keep away!

We are a fun and friendly club and love to welcome new people – come and join us and enjoy an evening of dancing, learning and meeting some great new friends along the way! We have free refreshments available throughout the evening too, so come along and join the fun! We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!



At Dancing Club LA we follow the ISTD syllabus of dance steps for all the levels of dancing that we teach – from the most basic steps to the higher levels of Ballroom and Latin American dancing. The ISTD stands for the Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing and is recognised as one of the worlds leading examination boards.

Twice annually we offer the chance for ALL our pupils to take dance examinations for WHATEVER level of dance you are currently at – so dance exams really are FOR EVERYONE!

Exams are certainly not compulsory, and you should always feel you can learn and develop with a formula suited best to you – but pupils can often find that the structure and feedback gained from them offers rewarding benefits as well as helping to set and achieve personal goals.

If you are new to dancing and like the sound of the option of working towards and taking examinations – do not rule them out because ‘you don’t think you’re good enough’ – once you feel confident at some of the dances you have learnt – even right from the beginners level – we can help and guide you in the right direction from selecting the dances you feel most competent at, to practise and presentation. It is all the while fun to learn and easy to try – so why not give it a go and truly be rewarded for your personal achievements in dancing.
If you have been dancing for a while now but never considered taking tests – then don’t be afraid to try! All pupils are helped and guided through their preparation – be it leading up to the exams or on the day itself – from rehearsing steps and honing your technique so you truly feel pleased with your performance. They can really complete your dancing journey, giving you the opportunity to set personal goals and keep track of the progress you are making through your learning. The medal presentation evenings that follow are also a great opportunity to celebrate and share your success with fellow pupils and friends too.

Please feel free to talk to any of our Teachers here at Dancing Club LA to chat about your dancing hopes, dreams and goals – and let us help make them come true for you!



Do you have or know of a child that loves to dance? Are they sitting waiting patiently for the next series of Strictly to appear on the TV so that they can follow their favourite star of the show?! Well why not bring the Ballroom to them and introduce them to Dancing Club LA Kids Dance Classes that we hold on a Monday night, where they can learn how to jump and twirl and cha-cha away to their hearts delight!

Our dance classes for children are open to ages 6 to 15 years. We have different groups to suit the various ages and abilities and here they can make new friends and learn Ballroom and Latin American dances in a friendly and vibrant atmosphere.

Bring them with friends or on their own – we are never short of others to meet and greet and have a totally awesome hour of fun and learning! Children can simply learn to dance for their own personal enjoyment or to additionally work towards our dance examinations which are held twice annually. Whatever they desire – we have something for every budding ballroom champ out there – so come along and join the fun!


Are you a couple getting married and would love to learn to dance in preparation for your big day? Maybe you already know a few steps and need some help putting some choreography together for that special ‘first dance’ or maybe you simply only have the music so far and nothing more…. we are here to help to make that special day just a little bit more perfect!
A wedding dance is a very special moment, something that may be captured on camera and video and something you will probably always remember most about your big day. To learn even just a few real dance steps can help that wonderful moment feel amazing as you gently glide around the floor or jump and jive in front of your family and friends. Don’t worry if you have never danced before – we can work with you both to make that moment happen.
Whether you feel happier joining one of our fun and friendly beginners dance classes held on various nights throughout the week or whether you would prefer to learn in the privacy of our dance studio – we can help you learn, prepare and feel happy about getting up and dancing on your special day. We can help you from choosing a memorable song and a dance that is fitted to both of you from the beginning to the end every step in between.
Either through private lessons or within our group classes feel confident you can pick up the steps to any of the dances and learn something you can really wow your guests with. From the classic wedding waltz to the romantic rumba or something fun like a jive that everybody can join in with, we can teach you something to suit both you and your celebration.
Feel free to contact us for more details or to discuss your plans or simply turn up at one of our weekly classes – we’ll have you gliding around and looking gorgeous in no time!
Maybe your passion is learning to dance, but you are far to self conscious to try in front of others, maybe you are keen but your other half is far less enthusiastic unless nobody is watching! Maybe you are getting married or wish to learn a routine just for fun or for a special function. Maybe you have always wanted to try dancing – yet simply haven’t the time socially to meet up at a class. Maybe you are already a dancer, looking to spend that extra time working on your own technique and learning through one-on-one lessons. Private dance lessons can truly be advantageous for people at all stages of their dancing story.
Away from the buzz of group classes, you can now concentrate on yourself as a dancer taking a more personal approach, working with just you and your teacher to get where you want to be in dancing. Ask questions and learn at your own speed to accelerate your progress or to consolidate your knowledge.
Taking those first steps on the dance floor can sometimes be rather tentative ones, and the privacy and quiet of some private floor space can offer you the confidence you may need to get moving and get dancing!
If you feel you need more information and assistance learning to dance, private dance tuition can really help fill in the gaps for you, giving you more confidence, whether that be learning routines, understanding technique or just gaining some all round general improvement.
Those working to achieve their dancing medals at our twice yearly dance examinations may like to broaden their knowledge and concentrate on their technique in addition to the group classes throughout the week. Private dance lessons will offer a one-to-one environment, where you can really focus on your own personal strengths and weaknesses and build on this with the full support of your teacher to reach your goals.
At Dancing Club LA we offer private dance lessons in the half hour slot prior to our weekly group classes held in East Finchley and also hourly slots throughout the week at our private dance studio in Borehamwood. A variety of times and days are available, so even if you work in the daytime hours there will always be times convenient to suit you.
Please contact us for more information, to discus your needs or to book a lesson with one of our qualified dance teachers.
Here at Dancing Club LA we have regular social party night dances where you can gather with friends and meet other dancers to spend an enjoyable evening full of dance, music and fun. Held monthly on Saturday nights (usually the last Saturday in the month whenever possible) all are welcome to join us at Bishop Douglass High School where you can enjoy our large spacious dance floor as you swing and sway the night away!
We provide self service refreshments throughout the night inclusive ranging from teas and coffees to snacks and punch. Book in advance and get seated with friends or if you make a last minute decision, just come along and pay on the door.
Our teachers are present at every party dance to assist, join in with the fun and get everybody up on their feet, so don’t worry if you don’t have a partner, you will be assured of plenty of dancing throughout the night!
Catch up and relax with dancing friends old and new as you watch and join in with a full range of Ballroom, Latin American and popular Sequence dances as well as a few fun dances thrown in too, to get you mixing and mingling.
A fabulous excuse to dress up and have an enjoyable night out. Put your moves in to practise and dance among others as you waltz the night away!
For more information and future social party dance dates browse our website or to make a booking in advance, simply give us a call.
Dress to impress and dance to enjoy! See you on the dance floor!


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